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Welcome to Skinny's Paint & Body in Colorado Springs, CO

Committed to excellence!

Do you want your car to shine and look as if it is brand new even after an accident? Look no further! Skinny's Paint & Body is here to do the job. Skinny's Paint & Body proudly serves Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas offering excellent auto body repair and painting. When it comes to us, you decide on how we repair your car and "Commitment to Excellence", our motto, proves this. We want you to be totally satisfied with the work on your vehicle. Contact us at 719-471-7239 for more details.
Frame Repair - Auto Body Repair in Colorado Springs CO
Hail Repair - Auto Body Repair in Colorado Springs CO
Suspension Repair - Auto Body Repair in Colorado Springs CO

We can make your car look good through:

  • Frame Repair
  • Hail Repair
  • Suspension Repair

Allow your automobile to sparkle!

Get your car a rejuvenating facelift. Allow it to roam the streets with style. Visit us and we'll tell you how we do it. Located at 708 Nichols Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, we are open on weekdays, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. We want you to flaunt your vehicles with pride! Contact us today or browse the about us page and get to know us!