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Skinny's Paint & Body has been in the business for 21 years. Again, our reputation is on high quality auto repairs. We really do care about the customer and their vehicle. We are big enough to handle any repair yet small enough that our customer is not just a number.
Normally, insurance companies decide where and how their customers should have their cars repaired, but we want you to know that you always have an option with us. Your call, your choice! You have the power to choose your own repair facility and we can help you with that.
Painter Showing Color Sample - Auto Body Paint in Colorado Springs CO
Preparing Paint - Auto Body Paint in Colorado Springs CO
Car Painting - Auto Body Paint in Colorado Springs CO
We have done repairs with warranty with two well-known companies; Colorado Springs' bigger Lexus and Toyota dealers for over 10 years. We have developed a reputation for high quality repairs which has attracted high-end vehicles. We could say we 'cater' but are certainly not limited to the above 30, professional crowd.

Be a part of our success!

Here at Skinny's Paint & Body, we don't just say it; we mean it and we make it happen. Visit our office today or have a look at our products and services page to see what we can give you.